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 Integrity, responsibility, innovation, dedication, "the core values of the company's pursuit of value, is the company and the staff to achieve the vision and mission of the faith support and basic methods.
Honesty is the moral foundation of enterprise career, the conduct of the staff.
Every employee, every department, every unit, every moment should be re integrity, stresses integrity, law-abiding, match words with deeds, loyalty, loyalty to the enterprises. This is the company to fulfill their duties, to achieve the basic premise of the common development of enterprises and employees, the company and the community.
The responsibility is heavy responsibilities, conscientious work attitude.
In the development of economy and society, the company takes on the important political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility. Every employee should adhere to the part to the whole and Xiaoju obey the overall situation, take the initiative to implement the Party decision to deploy the conscious action, transformation to promote the "two change" the unity of will, transformation as the strong power to promote the work, so that the countries responsible and in charge of the enterprise, to oneself is responsible for the transformation of the responsibility.
Innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development and enterprise development.
The process of the development of the company is the process of innovation, there is no innovation can not build a world-class brand, the international first-class enterprise. Need to vigorously promote the courage to change, dare to people first, dare to break the routine, the courage to bear the risk of the spirit of innovation, and comprehensively promote the theory innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and practice innovation.
Dedication: patriotism is a conscious action, dedication.
Enterprises to the state, the staff of the enterprises have to say. Anti ice rescue, disaster relief and other not resistant to natural disasters, the face of difficult and perilous task, employees regardless of cost, do not speak conditions, not afraid of sacrifice, full with a negative, that is dedication; in coping with the international financial crisis, the implementation of national macro-control measures, such as major test before, the company resolutely implement the central decision-making deployment, assume social responsibility actively, this is dedication; the majority of employees in the ordinary post dedication, hardworking, down-to-earth to do a good job in their own work, the same dedication. Adhere to the value of the dedication, in the dedication to win respect, to enhance the image of the dedication.